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Artemis' Neon Toilet Award

If your site was listed here and you happen to be looking for
nifty (and useless) web awards to stick on your page, then feel
free to download this image on the right and paste it on your page.
Wear it with pride!

Artemis' Neon Toilet Awards are awarded to outstanding silly and
useless homepages that are proliferating on the web like rabbits on Viagra.


Jan Svankmajer
Dimensions of Dialogue
-Jan Svankmajer

Picnic with Weismann
Picnic with Weismann
-Jan Svankmajer

The Internet Movie Database
The definitive on-line movie database. You can find almost any movie here!

One of my favourite animators Mark Baker gets together with Neville Astley! A must-see for animation fans.

It was a dark and stormy night....

The Tablet
The Tablet is a Catholic newsletter with a view on contemporary events. Read this if you're tired of the usual broadsheet drivel.

Art Nose
A hysterical satirical arts webzine which sees beyond the nonsense that is modern art...

The Onion
The best spoof-news website around for years, pungent enough to make you weep.

The best webzine for news and literary reviews. A fashionable site to be-seen for web wanna-bes.

First Things
A thoughtful American site on all things related to public affairs and religion.

A truly futile (bizarre!) website.


All the sites related to wonderful Spam, a typical school meal from days of yore that my grandma snobbishly refers to as "luncheon meat". Hmm, really?

Planning on a walking holiday anywhere in the UK? This website has "Walks of the Month" featuring special regions. Useful for the aspiring landscape photographer too!

Shaken, not stirred.

Know your Cocktails
Features Cocktail of the Week - a new cocktail recipe updated... you guessed it... weekly.

Water is best!

Huge repository of recipes from all over the world. Where else can one find out how to make a "Ciorba teraneasca"?

Java Cup

Animation Factory
An outstanding animated GIF repository - hundreds of excellent 3D animated art to jazz up your websites.

Free Images
More 3D animated gems and other icons and images. Choose your desired artist.

Roger's animated GIF collection is a great, motley collection of animated GIFs found around the web. Other web resources, CGI scripts and tutorials also available - an essential web developer's resource.

The Traffic Cone Preservation Society
Change the world. Adopt a traffic cone today.

Rate My Kitten
I'm more of a dog person but some of these kitties are cute...

Lilli's Screensavers
A free screensaver repository. Some real gems can be found, and I particularly like the Schweppes screensaver!

The place to download FreeBSD UNIX - best free OS next to Linux.

Pretty Good Privacy
PGP sets the standards for email encryption. Get PGP 5.0 now! My public key is available here if you wish to send me encrypted email.

Electronic Superhero to the rescue! Everything you ever wanted to know about e-mail, e-mail client downloads, SMTP and more.

All the HaCKed websites of the day! These script kiddies get everywhere...

Ogg Vorbis
The home of Ogg Vorbis, the new, super-efficient Open Source compression program that is set to make MP3s obsolete!

The MP3 homepage.

My favourite odds and ends on the web.

The Alchemist of the Surreal
Jan Svankmajer
A most comprehensive website for Jan Svankmajer fans with detailed information about all his art works and films, including sypnoses, images and more! Not to be missed.

Headless Turkey

English as written the Japanese - you'll laugh until you cry!

Monty Python Online
The Python boys are online! Thou shalt not pass, not without a shrubbery anyway....

A funny parody of Yahoo, with REAL searchable sites.

101 Love Letters
For the voyeurs among you... peruse the love letters of the literary greats, the famous and not-so-famous...

A weird jilted joke archive and some very interesting top ten tips.

Mona LisaWeird

The Cabbage Alliance
Become what you've always wanted to be - a purple cabbage!

Bunny Survival Tests
A very scientific study of the properties of marshmallow bunnies.

The Dribble Glass
Take a sip from the bizarre and irreverent website by someone who thinks one should drink deeply from the glass of life (and dribble!).

Barton's Den of Iniquity
For astonishing pap smear stories and hilarious horoscopes.

What's Inside Jeremy's Wallet?
And you thought women's handbags were full of junk....

The Bathrooms of Madison County
You've read the book and watched the movie. Now it's time to visit this twisted web site.

Center for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention & Study
It's time to stop the worldwide abuse of shopping trolleys! Join the Trolley Dollies today and save a shopping cart!

Dull Men
Dull trivia for dull men (and women) at parties everywhere.

Flame Warriors
Mike Reed's very amusing classification of all the different breeds of Usenet and web forum contributors.

The Museum of Dirt
This could be my living room.

For things that go *bump* or *click* in the night.

The Daily Buzzz
A daily photo every weekday chronicles the life and times of LA photographer Bee Ottinger.

Spanky's World
Spanky's weird world of non-sequiturs. A metaphor for the 90's.

The Hansons are Bitchin'
If you were ever unsure, this site confirms it!

Java Mug

More caffeine than you can handle - these links will help you stay awake.

Tips, tricks and downloads for the Java addict.
A massive online resource for the IT developer and hobbyist. Download reviews, scripts, programs and more!
Free Javascripts for your web pages - over 2000 new Java and CGI scripts, constantly updated.

Java Applets
A large freeware and shareware archive of Java applets for web applications.

Java from Sun Microsystems
The people who brought us Java...

The Weekly Gripe
The online newspaper for gripers and moaners.

Up My Street
Enter your post code and find out everything there is to know about your street, property prices, nearest restaurants and even the sort of neighbours you have...

Mooooo-re free stuff for your PC or Mac (yes, including Linux)!
What it says.

Catholic Saints Index
Who is today's Saint? Find a Patron Saint for anything (and anyone) under the sun!

No More AOL CDs!
I use mine as drinks coasters but you could also send your unwanted AOL CDs here!

What I Have Read Since 1974
Some people have too much time on their hands!

The largest OpenSource repository on the Internet.

Perrier Bottle (Jazz)

Water with class. Interesting art bottle gallery and competitions to be won.

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