A guidebook described Siena as "the perfect antidote to Florence", and
that is a most apt description. It is the perfect little town in the heart of Tuscany
to thoroughly explore and manages to be free of the tourist hordes
in the evenings. The famous horse races are held here every summer
at the Campo.

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Camera: Nikon F80, Lenses: Nikkor 28-80mm AF D, 70-300mm AF ED
Film: Fuji Provia 100, scanned with the Epson Perfection 1640SU.


Cafes along the Piazza il Campo

A wide view of the Campo where the Palio is held annually.

The cafes around the Campo are well-frequented.

A church near Porta Pispini. The chaos and roadworks seemed typical of small-town Italy.

Typical Siena scene near the University contrada.

A shrine (with plastic flowers) to the Madonna on a crumbling wall.

The Duomo. Its interior was being restored at the time.

Pink flowers in the lovely Orto Botanico where we spent a few lazy afternoons.

"The Road of Two Doors", close to our hotel. Silly tourist walked into my photo, oh well.

View of the surrounding Tuscan countryside from our hotel room.

Staircase leading from the Campo.

An alley in a residential district of Siena.

Sant Agostino across the valley. Unfortunately, a big crane marred the panoramic view!

Overlooking Sant Agostino.

The Chianti countryside in the warm April sun.

A statue on the Town Hall at the Campo - astonished at finding his nose missing!

View of the Chianti countryside at twilight.

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