Scotney Castle

Beautiful gardens set around the ruins of a 14th-century moated castle
near Tunbridge Wells in Kent

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Camera: Nikon F80 Lenses: Nikkor 28-80mm AF D, 70-300mm AF ED
Film: Fuji Velvia 50, scanned with Epson Perfection 1640SU

A fence overlooking a pasture where the sheep graze idly.

By the riverbank, the sunlight was reflected off the waters of the castle moat.

A view of Scotney Castle from the footbridge across the moat.
In the spring, the left bank is overgrown with daffodils.

A boathouse in the moat, tucked away near the castle.

Scotney Castle - a different view from the bank.

Daffodils in the breeze.
The blur creates a pleasant, impressionistic effect!

A close-up of Scotney Castle.

A window with an unexpected view!

Two Doors.
Mysterious doors leading into the abandoned castle tower.

Trampled daffodils in the castle grounds.

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