Exmoor, Devon

Exmoor National Park isn't the best place to visit in the height of summer
but even the glaring overhead sun did not detract from its wild and windswept beauty.
It boasts some stunning coastal paths and rambles across the vast moors
that are covered with purple heather at this time of year. Alas the honey
farms unleash thousands (millions) of their honey bees all over Exmoor
at this time of year to ensure there is never a dull moment!

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Camera: Nikon F80, Lenses: Nikkor 24mm AFD, 28-80mm AF D, 70-300mm AF ED
Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Kodak Elitechrome 100ES, scanned with the Epson Perfection 1640SU.

Heather-covered hills on the road between Porlock and Lynton.

More heather on Kodak film. It was a very hazy day with poor lighting.

More heather on the moors. The bees were buzzing all over Exmoor. The colours in the photograph here are quite disappointing.

A gate to a field in Exmoor. Note the regrettably high contrast and deep shadows. It was a blazing hot day and this was a nice, bucolic scene typical of the area we were driving through.

Boats docked at Wimbleball Lake in the middle of Exmoor. The place was almost completely deserted.

Sailboats in Wimbleball Lake on a blazing, technicolour day!

View of Woody Bay taken with my old 28-80mm lens. This photo was taken after a harrowing drive along a narrow toll road with a steep bank on one side and a spectacular drop on the other!

On the road coming down from Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in Exmoor. The air was thick with bees!

A view of Castle Rock (in the Valley of the Rocks) as seen from the winding coastal North Cliff path just outside Lynton.

View of the bay on the road between Porlock and Lynton at dusk. We drove to this point just to catch the last golden rays of the sun.

Another view of the wide open moors and the sea at sunset. The blue strip on the horizon is the Welsh coast.

View from the hotel room at twilight. We stayed at the Lynton Cottage Hotel.

A footbridge at Lynmouth. It was a crowded tourist trap over the weekend, full of souvenir shops and fish and chip restaurants.

The seaweed-strewn pier at Lynmouth during low tide. Foreland Point forms the imposing backdrop here.

The rocky coastline at the Valley of the Rocks. It was a dull and overcast morning.

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