City Shot 5
A hoity toity middle-to-upper class residential area. The Olympus Science Center is
visible in the top left hand corner. Science Centers can be built when the Sim
population's IQ reaches a certain level. Indeed, Olympus Sims are no imbeciles.

City Shot 5
A view of my lovely castle in Olympus.
How exactly does one build such a glorious monstrosity?
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Just call cousin Vinnie.

City Shot 6
The University is another idyllic place of learning in Olympus -
the city of dreaming spires. The department of
Forgotten Mathematics is my firm favourite.

CIty Shot 7
Farms, farms, farms galore!
In the outskirts of Olympus, these sweet little farms abound.
I'm particularly proud of these, they took a LOT of work to cultivate
and they're all preserved as historical to ensure that unscrupulous industrial
developers don't take over my acres and acres of bucolic paradise.

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