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This is a handpicked selection of mudlists and other MUD-related information out on the web.

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MUDLists and FAQs

The MUD Connector
A very comprehensive MUD list. Check out which MUD might suit you best.

Doran's MUDlist
The mother of all mudlists.

The MUD Resource Collection
All the MUD resources available on the web.

LPMUD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The definitive guide to LPMuds.

The Game Grotto - MUDpuddle
A Yellow Pages registry for MUD players. Search for long-lost MUD chums here.

The Center for Imaginary Environments
Set up by Descartes and his chums (creator of Nightmare) you can download the latest MudOS driver and Nightmare mud libraries here. Includes a good LPmud FAQ and other MUD-related material.

MUD Clients

A hugely popular MUD client for Win95/NT/3.1 users. Enables scripting, triggering, auto-mapping and more. The shareware version is available for a 30-day trial.

Check this out! Some MUDs have become Pueblo-enabled as a trial. Pueblo is a web-based graphical MUD client which enables players to view graphics and hear sound files embedded in the MUD code.

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