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Screenshot of my PC desktop
Gnome/Sawfish, Red Hat 7.0
Screenshot of my laptop desktop
KDE 1.1, Red Hat 5.2

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A Geek's Online Diary
Upgrading Red Hat 7.0 to Red Hat 7.2
Wanda the GNOME Fish Fan Page

Linux System Administration
by Marcel Gagne

A highly recommended read for those curious about the innards of their beloved Penguins. Written in a highly entertaining style typical of his monthly Linux Journal column, Mr. Gagne manages to amuse and inform - unusual for a geek textbook. A must-read for anyone who runs Linux (or is interested in doing so!).


Artemis's Links to All Things Linux

Linux Online
The Linux Documentation Project An absolutely essential place to visit for all your Linux HOW-TOs.
Slashdot The true geek's web hangout for news and rumours.
Linux Kernels Get your freshly baked kernels here!
Kernel Newbies is the homepage of the IRC channel dealing with newbies and their interminable questions: "How do I compile my own kernel?"
Linux Weekly News (LWN) The one-stop website for all the latest news and reviews for the penguin OS.
Linux HQ The headquarters of all things Linux.
Linux Questions
Linux Journal THE best Linux magazine I've read!
The Linux Gazette
Linux Planet
GNU Project No Linux links page will be complete without a link to GNU - the birthplace of the Free OS.

Linux For Laptops A one-stop shop for laptop owners who also use Linux.
O'Reilly - Linux The best computer books publisher ever!
Linux Links A search-engine style portal for all things Linux.
Woven Goods for Linux A fantastic portal for Linux with links to all the latest, available Linux distributions.

HARDWARE MADE SIMPLE even for slow penguins!
Linux Hardware For the Linux geek who wants to get deeper....
Linux PCMCIA Information Page
Another site to visit if you have PCMCIA slots in your laptop and need to use the Card Services manager.
The ultimate Linux Printing-HOWTO, solutions for common problems and a database of Linux-compatible printers to avoid those hardware headaches.
Scanner Access Now Easy. The website for all your scanning and Linux USB needs. Get your drivers here, as well as tips and pointers. Karl Heinz Kramer and friends are wholly responsible for helping me get my Epson scanner working!
If you want to get a Winmodem to work with your Linux system and are prepared to do some geeking around, then look no further.
Linux Parallel Port Homepage
All about Linux support for parallel ports.
If you want Linux in your palm, maybe you'd better get a PDA and surf here. World domination is close at hand...

The only site you really need to visit for all your freebie Linux software. Updated daily!
The largest repository of Open Source software, another place to hunt down that elusive application to keep track of your pet rock collection.
Linuxberg (
Another excellentLinux software download site, Tucows for Linux.
Another free software download site for Linux. Penguins will never go hungry.
Linux Voodoo
A comprehensive site where you can download Linux drivers, software and much more.
The KDE project, a leading desktop manager for Linux. This is my other desktop manager apart from Gnome, and some of its applications, particularly KMail and KOffice, are indispensable tools and I can barely imagine life without KMail.
Another desktop manager, not as fully-featured as KDE some may say, but in my opinion it looks a bit prettier.
Want to upgrade a library, or locate a missing one? No problem at all with RPMFind, which searches its repository of RPMs for easy download.

A site to search for all the latest RPMs for your applications and libraries.
The official X-Windows homepage which essentially provides the GUI engine for Linux systems.
Window Managers For X
The definitive guide to all the window managers available out there for X-Windows. I personally use Sawfish. Please give this website a good look for it deserves at least a browse.
Get all your Gnome and KDE desktop themes here.
The Gimp
A powerful, completely free graphics manipulation package - Linux's answer to Adobe Photoshop.
One of the leading 3-D modelling and animation software for Linux. Very powerful graphics package.
Full of vim and vigour, this is the GUI answer to the best geeky text editor since the scratchpad, vi.
The LaTeX Project

The only "word-processor" worth its salt, the type-setting language takes a bit of learning but is well worth it for the truly professional results it produces.
This is a WYSIWYG front-end that uses LaTeX as an engine, to ease one into the world of LaTeX. It's a great effort and deserves looking into.
The LaTeX Navigator
Links to all things LaTeX-related.

WINDOZE EMULATORS... for those who need a bit of Redmond in their boxes
If you want to run Windows applications on your Linux system, check this free emulator out. Wine (Windows-Emulator) has come a very long way since I first used it to play Solitaire!
A commercial product for running different OSes on Linux inside a virtual machine. I've tried this with Windows and it is really amazing.

WWW BROWSERS to spice up the World Wide Wait
The Open Source browser, a spin-off from the gang at Netscape. It's fast and looks quite spiffing.
Of course Opera is touted as the fastest browser in the West (and East). I love its multiple-windows capability, the only browser to provide such a feature, but alas, the free version still does not have complete scripting support.
KDE's browser project deserves a link of its own just because it supports Javascript and other web-scripting standards so well. And it's all free.

The X Multi-Media System for Linux, an MP3 and MPEG player with enough features to seriously rival any other OS's counterparts. Also supports Ogg Vorbis formats!

The free MP3 player for both Linux and Windows.
LiViD: The Linux Video and DVD Project
Now you can even watch movies on your Linux box!
The best webserver there is, it's free and it runs on Linux!

The Netfilter/IPTables firewall project, worth a thoroughly good read - don't leave home without a firewall!
Another website not just for paranoid penguins, it's a good idea to know what the Black Hat hackers are up to.
Another website with information on the latest hack attacks, vulnerabilities and so on.
Bastille Linux
A Linux "hardening" script for Red Hat systems. Make sure you always run this after installing your Red Hat system and before you go online!
Snort, snort, snort out any interlopers in your system. A very good Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Linux and other OSes.
One of the most comprehensive and user-friendly Port Scanners available for Linux. Has a frequently updated database of vulnerability scripts to test your system.
Another superb port scanner that Nessus also uses.
A network sniffer - find out what's really going on and examine the raw contents of the packets in your network. A hacker's tool, but also an immensely useful security-learning tool.
Psionic Software's intrusion detector will automatically block and drop intruders who scan the "wrong" ports on your system. Implements "stealth" scanning modes.

GAMES THAT PENGUINS PLAY, for all work and no play makes Tux a dull penguin
Loki Games

It's no longer true that you can't use your Linux box as a games machine. Search no more for Linux ports to your favourite PC games - find a lot of it here, although bear in mind it's commercial software.
Even penguins want to have fun! You can even do some beta-testing and get involved in any games projects if you feel so inclined.
The Linux Game Tome
Another huge Linux games repository. Penguins have too much fun!
So excellent it deserves a link of its own - FlightGear is a sophisticated flight simulator program for Linux and it is truly excellent! A bit taxing on the hardware requirements though.
Marcel Gagne - Cooking With Linux
Free thinker and writer at large, he is the author of the "Cooking With Linux" column in the Linux Journal as well as some books and he has a great Linux odds-and-ends website. Bon appetit!

LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS - a wonderful bazaar!
Red Hat
Arguably the most popular Linux distribution around, I grew up with them and am unlikely to switch brands unless of course, they get acquired by Microsoft or something....
Debian Popularly known as the true geek's Linux distribution.
SuSE Linux
Mandrake Linux Another Red Hat clone distribution, Mandrake is gaining a reputation for its user-friendliness. Recommended for Linux newbies.
Yellow Dog Linux Known as the Red Hat Linux distribution for the MacOS. Yes, Mac users can achieve OS enlightenment too!
Linux From Scratch The website for all those who want to build a truly customised Linux system.
Rock Linux If you think you're a true diehard geek, you should only ever use this no-frills, rock-hard distribution.
Dettu[Xx] Linux For the masochistic Linux geek, here's a distribution to drive you crazy - more for a good laugh than anything else.

Blackdown Java for Linux
Get the Java Development Kit for Linux systems - the JVM and complete Java libraries can be downloaded from here. Tis a pity Swing graphics are still so primitive.
An alternative to X-Windows graphics library, SVGALib is a simpler library for developing Linux applications.

HELP FOR YOUR BOOTLOADER to begin the adventure!
Ctrl-Escape's Guide to Configuring LILO
An excellent tutorial for configuring LILO, a rather primitive command line Linux Loader, which allows you to choose an OS (if you have a multi-boot system) upon startup. There are better alternatives, of course, like...
The GRand Unified Bootloader is a more sophisticated bootloader from the GNU Project. A typically no-nonsense webpage.

Linux Emporium
A UK-based online retailer where one can get cheap and even free Linux distribution CDs.

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