Loyalist Spy Handbook

This is the official Loyalist SpyRing Handbook. This handbook is fashioned
in such a way that it can be easily ripped into shreds and swallowed by an agent
if he or she is caught in possession of this document. This handbook is made of
100% digestible material. However, do not attempt to wash it down with vodka or
any strong alcoholic beverages as effects may range from slight hair loss to instant
death. Do not let this handbook fall into enemy hands. 

The Spy's Guide to Survival in the Sewers

The sewers in Insomnia are a terrible maze, no thanks to the folks at Town Planning. As far as we know, no one has yet attempted to map the labyrinthine mess, although agents deployed to serve as "sewer rats" are thoroughly familiar with each sewer level. The Rebel faction, being mostly composed of disgruntled househusbands, chauvinistic ex-journalists and broadcasters are naturally predisposed towards the faeces-choked sewer environment and have practised guerilla warfare quite successfully in the past against our agents.

the art of killingAgents i.e the "Sewer Rats" should not hesitate to kill enemy agents with the regulation steel knife provided by the Loyalist Forces.

A Loyalist Agent's Standard Issue Equipment

A black leather pouch with a drawstring containing:

Remember this: a good Loyalist Agent never lets his or her fellow agents down.

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