Artemis' Wall of Graffiti

Posh neighbourhood, indeed!
Feel free to spray your graffiti on my garden wall.

A garden wall at home may conceal more secrets than the Great Wall of China

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

[ scurry on home ]

Stacia was here!

"Upon the bank, she stood
In the cool
Of spent emotions.

She felt, among the leaves,
The dew
Of old devotions."

Hugs and kisses and fondles
to the cutest Wallace Stevens
fan ever! Excepting me, of

Morri aka xenabat was here!

Xena for goddess!!

Cair was here!

Once again, I am worshipping Rhiannon (aka Artemis?) in her temple. But where are the cabbages? :)

kyle millar was here!

I'll never no more to darkened pastures
I'll never no more to sleep.
For I have sworn off love,
And I shall forgo sheep.

KPM, teenage angst poem

Barry Fibiger was here! (click here for homepage)

Hey -- let me in on the Neon Toilet award!

webbie was here! (no homepage)

great taste in music.

Darren was here! 

Actually I'm here doing research for my thesis on Rhiannonology.

wengho was here!

ok i sent u an email earlier with the name of grimmy. dun know if u received that. nutting on your homepage about woody allen or ee cummings, pity. how about yukio mishima (ok ok that's macho guy's shit) ditto on tarantino (nope i'm not some neanderthal). just got hold of burrough's naked lunch, seen the film - cool. what about allen ginsberg? karantzakis? (last temptation of christ - u knew that! just being a patronising ass). nuf said, drop me a line, ok? might just stalk you, watch out for a dark trench coat when u leave for work....

Jennifer Gentry was here!

Love the sight!
I will be back to the Teepee for some vodka later. E-Mail me sometime.
You can call me Sibyl of Kuwait... or more commonly, SpaceCadet.
By the way, my karma thanks you.

Emily was here!

I no longer wanted to be the painter; I wanted to be the paint. (Van Gogh)

cheryl was here! (click here for homepage)

You have a cool page.... btw, how did you get this guestbook??? I don't mind
having it for my page too!!!

Rick Jones (Doomgiver) was here!

Hey, artie, it's me Doomie (rick jones in rl)
thought i'd drop you a line because i'm so sad that you're leaving :(
but i hope that rl becomes less hectic. :)


Halfwolf was here!

Thoughts Rule the World....

Thanks for keeping your ideas about 'everyone wearing banana peels' to yourself.

Tom Gray was here!

Hello, how are you? I am fine. The weather is cool here and has been cool for the last few weeks. Do you think that this would pass the Turing test?

Fernando Casaubon (Powfer) was here!

Howdy!!!! Your pages are very nice, and yeah, you changed them a lot!! There is just ONE little thing I would do if I were you....I would add my friend Fernando into my friends page, but that's ok, it's ok if you don't want me there... I really understand. *sad look*

Heehee....No, I'm just kiddin!! You have some lovely pages, Jin!!

sb was here!

Hey -- in reading your "literature" list, you do not have Kate Chopin listed!!! I seriously recommend that you read "The Awakening" -- an excellent novel about the isolation of women at the turn of the century! Banned and called, "an evil book" when published! READ IT! Oh goddesses!

Pajazzo was here!

Ille faut etre toujours ivre.

--Charles Baudelaire

Fernando Casaubon (Powfer) was here!

Hey, hey!!!! It's a nice page you have here ...I've been working on my page for just a couple hours (scanning and designing), so please don't expect too much! ;)

Wildcat was here!

As promised, I was at and somehow got transported here. You didn't beam me up, did you? Anyway, hope my karma increases another two points just by visiting.

Ciao, Wildcat.

Jeff was here!

Hey...Hey, I dunno what to say, except nice page. And perhaps the famous words of Juan Valdez..."Mi Dios, esa en El Chupacabra!!!"

Billyjack aka Squaw aka SoFro aka Sophie was here!

The Magic-8 bra says:"Cut your toenails!"

Meeka was here!

Are you serious? You write that your pages aren't worth visiting. Insane. I love this place. Thanks for leaving your URL in my guestbook.

Maat was here!

Roses are Red...nah, too mushy.
Here I sit...Oops! Parental control!
Read, Listen, Ask Questions
It's your world too.

Gman was here!

This is the one and only GMAN leaving a little piece of his soul on your page. "Dramatis ergo sum."

Jep Jep was here!

hey there, sexy. the neighbours are giving us free beer, so i gotta run!
lova ya

Jep Jep
aka Celeste

Pegax was here!

I walked on the path of weirdness
I saw the mystic light
The peace came alone the net goddess
And I no longer need to fight.

Beldar was here!

hey lady :)
ok, ok i told you i would....
nice html, lady, someone ought to hire you. :)

Craig was here!

I already have good karma,
now all I need is you!

Your loving friend always,

Laz was here!

Jin!!! Petal!!! I finally got here!!
well m'dear ..... i have to admit to finding your page thoroughly fab and groovy...
and i love the quote at the beginning...
will write soon.

*mwa mwa*

Ninja was here!

Gotta slack off on mudding to get a decent web home page set up for public display. 8)

Kinsdale was here!

And now you want me to scribble away...
Very well then, here goes something or other
just slightly demented, chewed up and reprocessed (and
besides which, OklaComa sucks, its 2300 out here, I'm supposed to be on Staff duty, but...I'm here!

Shadow dancing she knows she's never watched
and she knows you'll never be there
When she sings she thinks she's all alone
She can't hear me listen or see me stare
I watch her dancing with her steel whistling
as she slashes through the ice-bright air
and all the ways she loves her sword
are as beautiful as diamonds fair.

- Kinsdale (aka Finn wtR. aka M.Glenn)

Porter was here!

!retteB si sdrawkcaB, lla fo tsrif lleW
simetrA sseddoG ehT evig dluohS uoY, lydnoceS
.boJ wen a
.simetrA rof *KCIL* tew, gib a tsael ton tub tsal dnA

Squaw White-goat-riding-a-camel-until-it-po(o)ps, Billyjack was here!

--o o o o
o o o o

These are my pawprints. You will also note where my tail was dragging in the dirt. ( I was busting a sag with my prosthetic booty.)

l l
l ( ) l

This is our teepee.

/\ /\

This is me, writing a paper. I bit off a corner cuz I was mad.
I love to laugh,
wiff ewe, Artie-poo.

An unknown writer was here!

The end of ideas is the end of civilization.

kevin mitnick wanna be was here!

all you people just get a life!

En was here!

24 hours in a day -------------------------->
24 cans of beer in a case ---------------->
"I'm going nucking futs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fp, chicken lover/eater was here!

"Whoosh, Whack! Whoosh, Whack!" (repeat 48 more times)
The sound of Artemis giving you all an electronic caning... was here!



Aviendha (cowjuice) was here!

What I really want to know is: what's BEHIND your garden wall?!!?! @D->------

Lucifuge Rofocale was here!

We embrace like two lovers at death
a monument to the trapping of breath
as restriction is bled from the veins of my neck
to drop roses on my marbled breast
I lust for the wind and the flurry of leaves
and the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze
to learn from the dark and the voices between.

Min/Myrah was here!

What a wacky homepage you've got here!

Areta was here!

Heterosexuals _have_ to reproduce.
They couldn't recruit.

Dax -- Minxus figmentius was here!

There is writing on this wall... This wall that I can see.
I see the hand that's writing and it's writing script for me.
I notice the script's structure. I see every stroke and line.
It's only then I realize that the writing there is mine...

scorpio was here!

Artemis is KEWL. Scorpio was HeR3!#@

Jun aka Wanderer on LUsty was here!

Hello! My graffiti for the day:
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

jelly herself was here!

Mr. Jelly was here. :)

sheesh was here!

How does your garden grow? I love that four-thorned rose you have under the bell jar...

yours, sunny

Derfla was here!

You ever look up at the sky and wonder: "What if the sky was falling?"

Turnip was here!

Ideas are the ultimate aphrodisiacs.

Artemis herself was here!

A watched pasture does not regenerate any bees.

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