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If you are wondering what ArtemisWorks at the bottom of all my web pages refers to, well, ArtemisWorks is not a commercial web design company by any means. I made all these pages in my free time with my Linux PC equipped with a variety of decent freeware (and some old Win95 shareware) tools.

I made my first website (hosted by SingNet) in Jan 1995 with a simple text editor and the text-only Lynx web browser. Needless to say this website has evolved tremendously since then, but it remains largely frames-free and therefore should be compatible with most browsers. Unfortunately, I also have a real job which has little to do with web-design and so this website is not updated as often as I would like, although updates, whenever they happen, often change the look-and-feel or content quite dramatically.

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I created all the graphics images (animated and static), icons and eye-catching thingies that you see on this site. If
anyone wants to use any of the graphics featured on my page, just ask me!

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