(A One And A Two)

Taiwan (2000)
Dir: Edward Yang

Cast: Nien-Jen Wu, Elaine Jin, Issey Ogata, Kelly Lee, Jonathan Chang, Hsi-Sheng Chen

A story with many characters from the same family that revolve around NJ, a Taipei businessman whose wife is suffering a spiritual mid-life crisis and goes off in search of meaning in Taoism. His old mother is in a coma from a stroke, his black sheep brother owes him money, his teenage daughter is coming to terms with the emotional turmoil of adolescence while witnessing the shenanigans of their neighbours, and in the midst of all this, his little charming son goes around with his camera, taking pictures of the backs of people's heads.

NJ finds himself increasingly disillusioned with the materialistic pursuit of success and finds himself choosing his integrity over business deals while wooing a Japanese client. He also meets his old flame from his younger days and for a few days, relives a happier past. This movie is rather long, dwelling in loving detail on each character's life, culminating in the death of the grand old lady which brings them all together for a moving tribute. A very human movie, guaranteed to stir the hardest of hearts.

Rating: 7.5

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