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Compact discs are listed in alphabetical order by musician. Only non-classical albums listed. This list was last updated on 4 June 2004.

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Artiste Album Title(s)
Caroline Aiken Live At The Attic
Joan Baez Play Me Backwards
Ring Them Bells
The Be Good Tanyas Blue Horse
Heidi Berry Heidi Berry
Belly Feed The Tree (EP)
Gepetto (EP)
Mary Black No Frontiers
Without The Fanfare
Babes In The Wood (cassette)
The Collection (cassette)
The Holy Ground
Billy Pilgrim Billy Pilgrim
Luka Bloom The Acoustic Motorbike
Blue Rodeo Casino
Five Days In July
Nowhere To Here
Box The Walls Fire In Dreamland (EP/cassette)
Wendy Bucklew Rage In The Ring
Painting Sidewalks
T-Bone Burnett The Criminal Under My Own Hat
Caedmon's Call Caedmon's Call
Intimate Portrait (EP)
Laura Cantrell Not The Tremblin' Kind
When The Roses Bloom Again
Lori Carson Where I Go
Peter Case Peter Case
Peter Case Sings Like Hell
Torn Again (autographed)
Catbird Seat One Of These Days
Fairytales And Songs
Wendy Chamlin Hear The Sounds (EP)
The Changelings The Changelings
The Choir Speckled Bird
Clannad PastPresent
Mary-Chapin Carpenter Come On Come On
Bruce Cockburn High Winds White Sky
Sunwheel Dance
Joy Will Find A Way
Dart To The Heart
Nothing But A Burning Light
Shawn Colvin Steady On
Cover Girl
One Cool Remove (EP)
with Mary-Chapin Carpenter
Sinead O'Connor The Lion And The Cobra (cassette)
I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (cassette)
Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Session
The Caution Horses
Black Eyed Man
Pale Sun Crescent Moon
Lay It Down
A Common Disaster (EP)
Miles From Our Home
Waltz Across America (live)
Jim Cuddy All In Time
The Dear Janes Dear Jane (EP)
Sometimes I
No Skin
Iris Dement Infamous Angel
Ani Difranco Out Of Range
Not A Pretty Girl
Alice Di Micele Naked
Disappear Fear Disappear Fear
Cheralee Dillon Pool
The Ellen James Society Reluctantly We
The Survivors' Parade
Enya Shepherd Moons
The Celts
Everything But The Girl Acoustic
Fairground Attraction Perfect (EP)
Melissa Ferrick Massive Blur
Willing To Wait
Melissa Ferrick+1 (live)
Grey Eye Glances Eventide
Patty Griffin 1,000 Kisses
Nanci Griffith Poet In My Window
The Last Of The True Believers
Little Love Affairs
Other Voices, Other Rooms
Kristen Hall Real Life Stuff
Fact And Fiction
Be Careful What You Wish For
The Kristen Hall Band Bootleg (live/cassette)
Thumbprint (EP/cassette)
Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball
Red Dirt Girl
Juliana Hatfield Become What You Are
Caroline Herring Twilight
Kristin Hersh Hips And Makers
Your Ghost (EP)
Sara Hickman Necessary Angels
Veda Hille Spine
Peter Himmelman From Strength To Strength
Hoi Polloi Spin Me
Jolie Holland Catalpa
Indigo Girls Indigo Girls
Strange Fire
Nomads Indians Saints
Back On The Bus, Y'All
Rites Of Passage
Swamp Ophelia
Swamp Ophelia (LP/autographed)
Least Complicated (EP)
Touch Me Fall (EP)
1200 Curfews
Shaming Of The Sun
Come On Now Social
Become You
All That We Let In
The Innocence Mission The Innocence Mission
Sorry And Glad Together (EP)
Bright As Yellow (EP)
Birds Of My Neighbourhood
Christ Is My Hope
Lakes Of Canada (EP)
Small Planes
Jan Krist Decapitated Society
A Wing And A Prayer
Outposts Of The Counterculture
Kindred Spirit Ask Me No Questions (EP)
Kevin Lawson Kevin (EP/cassette)
Siobhan Maher-Kennedy Immigrant Flower
Michelle Malone For You Not Them
Eleni Mandell Country For True Lovers
Mary Fortune Express Diary (EP/cassette)
The Immortality Box
Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly
Tiff Merritt Bramble Rose
Julie Miller Blue Pony
Broken Things
Buddy and Julie Miller
Lynn Miles Slightly Haunted
Night In A Strange Town
Joni Mitchell Blue
Court And Spark
Night Ride Home
How Do You Stop (EP)
Chris McGuire Here (EP/cassette)
Gerard McHugh More Than I
Yard Sale
Kris McKay Things That Show
Sarah McLachlan Solace
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Possession (EP)
The Freedom Sessions
Natalie Merchant Tigerlily
My Brothers Mother Deeper Than Skies
Bob Neuwirth Back To The Front (cassette)
99 Monkeys
Heather Nova Oyster
New Mongrels Not Dead (Yet)
October Project October Project
Ariel (EP)
Falling Farther In 
Oh Susanna Johnstown
Beth Orton She Cries Your Name (EP)
Over The Rhine Til We Have Faces
Besides (autographed by Karin & Linford)
Good Dog Bad Dog
The Darkest Night Of The Year
Amateur Shortwave Radio
Films For Radio (autographed by Linford, #273)
Michael Penn March
Free For All
Amy Ray Stag
Eddi Reader Mirmama
R.E.M Reconstruction Of The Fables (cassette)
The Best Of R.E.M (cassette)
Out Of Time (cassette)
Automatic For The People (cassette)
Tammy Rogers Tammy Rogers
Michelle Shocked Arkansas Traveler (cassette)
33 RPM Soul (EP)
My Little Sister (EP)
Mercury Poise
Kind Hearted Woman (cassette)
Jane Siberry When I Was A Boy
Sidi Bou Said Twilight Eyes (EP)
Sixpence None The Richer
The Fatherless And The Widow
This Beautiful Mess
Tickets For A Prayer Wheel
Sixpence None The Richer
Divine Discontent
10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe
How We've Grown
Our Time In Eden
Texas Rick's Road
Vigilantes Of Love Driving The Nails
Slow Dark Train
Gillian Welch Revival
Hell Among The Yearlings
Time (The Revelator)
Soul Journey
Dar Williams The Honesty Room
Mortal City
Carolyn Wennblom Bees To The Honey


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