All About Artemis? Although this section is titled All About Artemis, I'm not about to tell you all that much more about myself than the idiosyncratic spiel on these pages. 

I'm a bashful girl and often extremely Greta Garbo-ish in my desire for solitude, retreating from this often tiresome universe into my Carmelite den in the late evening hours. I don't have a lot of spare time so these pages rarely get updated, but when they do, it's usually a major overhaul.

This is my den in its umpteenth incarnation (and probably not the last) and maybe, just maybe, I'll win some useless, tacky award this time around so I can paste it here and be the envy of all my friends (sic).

39 Ways to be a Geek Goddess

What's fishy?

Cold Fish

My being a dreamy Piscean is an astrological fact. 
My being a cold fish, on the other hand, is still open to debate.

Websites On Me That I've Found:
Sir Karl Popper och Induktivismen is an old undergrad essay of mine that someone translated into Swedish!

Arty Farty FAQ

Q: Why Artemis?
A: Artemis is a chaste huntress in Greek mythology, goddess of chastity, twin sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus and Leto. And oh, did I mention that she advocates chastity?

Q: And why Arty?
A: Because it rhymes with Farty. (I've been told that this site is a tad pretentious....)

Q: How do you get to be a geek goddess?
A: There are 39 steps towards becoming a true Geek Goddess. The Way is never easy. It's best to have started off with an Apple IIe and a calculus textbook in the mid-80s but even if you haven't, keep at it and do not despair. Geek Goddesses are not made in a day, or even a decade.  Oh, and it helps to be female.

Q: What is ArtemisWorks anyway?
A: It's not a web design company (I wish!) - it's just a nice, pretentious and utterly meaningless way of signing my name at the bottom of all my pages.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Take long walks in Hyde Park. Read books and poetry by suicidal or dead people. Eat cheese & onion crisps. Pretend I'm writing a novel on lugubrious, female 20-somethings. 

Q: Why are there no pictures of you here?
A: Obviously because of people who ask this question!

Q: This is fantastic! I'm really a recruiter for [ insert geek company here ] and I want to hire you as a Java developer for an utterly outrageous sum of money!
A: Why, thank you! My resume is not online but if you're that desperate, please feel free to email me.

0:-) (smiley avec halo)

Home is where the heart is!
(.....home sweet home....)